Portfolio of Barbara Kowalski,
Graphic Designer.

MOBU: The Motion-Sickness Buddy System

Mobu is the Motion-Sickness Buddy System, a motion sickness remedy kit. It gathers five of the most effective remedies and presents them to consumers in an educational way.

Mobu was created as my thesis project to complete the Graphic Design program at George Brown College. As a long-time motion sickness sufferer, I know first-hand how hard it is to find information about the causes and remedies of the condition. Enter Mobu. Mobu is the first product on the market that gathers several motion sickness remedies and that presents information on the condition.

Mobu consists of five of the most effective remedies to combat motion-induced sickness and presents them to users in a convenient step-by-step process. In addition to preventing and relieving symptoms, Mobu strategically utilizes packaging to become an educational tool, allowing sufferers to improve their overall health and well-being through awareness of what is causing their problems and how the remedies work.

The main purpose of Mobu is to be a friend in a time of need. When motion sickness sets in, it reduces your capability to think and solve problems. With a numbered solutions process, a strap for easy access at all times and an accompanying app that reads instructions to you when you can’t, Mobu is the guidance and reassurance you need to get through motion unscathed. Bumps, sways, turbulence and all.

Project components: branded kit and packaging, instruction booklet, website, mobile application and process book.

Winner of:
George Brown College Thesis Award: Best Packaging Thesis
Advertising and Design Club of Canada Directions: Student Competition Silver (Graphic Design)
Graphis: Merit Award