Portfolio of Barbara Kowalski,
Graphic Designer.

International Collaborative Course
KEA - Copenhagen School of Design and Technology

In Fall 2014, I joined 80 students from around the world in Copenhagen for a 5-day intensive design collaboration process. Our assignment was to take an existing piece of unoccupied land and to transform it into a safe public space for local residents.

My team was assigned an empty patch of grass on Fuglebakkevej Street. We studied the space as well as read local reports, and from these developed a proposal for Bipark, or Beepark, a revitalizing new urban garden/park centered around the space’s existing beehives.

My contribution to the project was developing the park's concept as well as its visual identity, icons, wayfinding and signage. The park’s logo is an abstract representation of a bee: its bottom representing a vegetable or a drop of honey, and its top an outline of the park as seen from above. My role also extended into designing the final presentation of the project, which was presented to around 100 participants and stakeholders at KEA in Copenhagen.

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